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Get your data exactly where it needs to be

A portfolio of solutions that just make CRM life easier.

Migration Wizard

Launch your CRM faster, by getting your data there instantly

The wizard is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that takes the headache out of data migration. Try it by yourself, with our help, or let us take the lead.

No technical skills or credit card required to start.

Magical powers are waiting...

The wizard does the heavy lifting so that self-service data migration is comically simple, even for the most non-technical person.


Unlimited Free Samples

Preview roughly 10% of your mapped records in the destination CRM. No credit card required.


Custom Field Creation

View custom fields created in your current CRM and create those same fields in the target, right in the UI.


Data Security

Your data is safe with us. We're GDPR compliant and trusted  by the world's most secure organizations.


Intelligent Auto Mapping

Automatically map as many fields as possible to speed up the mapping process.


Relation Preservation

Maintain all relations and connections between tickets, and corresponding contacts, attachments, etc.


Field Utilization

Automatically calculate how often you use a field. This way you can determine if you even need this field.



Unpack a CRM's true size

In prep for a migration, it's always a good idea to understand how many records you need to migrate. We took it a step further and provide insights on the following: 

  • Total Number of Records + Objects
  • Total Number of Custom Fields + Custom Objects
  • Field Names
  • Object Names
  • Field Utilization

Backup & Exporter

Prevent data loss and secure customer information

When you need an export of all standard objects or notes to manipulate locally, this tool is for you. 

  • Export to CSV or JSON formats
  • Automated backups
  • Scheduling
  • 24+ CRMs

Ready to move your data and launch the new CRM?

No technical skills or credit card required to start.