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CRM Data Migration

Do it yourself, with help, or let us take the lead.

We've got options fit for any business or  budget. 


Plus, we'll beat any price.

Option 1: Do it yourself

$299 /
For data sources with fewer than 12,500 records
$999 /
For data sources with fewer than 100,000 records
$1,999 /
For data sources with fewer than 500,000 records
$2,999 /
For data sources with more than 500,000 records

What's included?



Custom objects


Activities & attachments


Data filtering


35+ supported connectors


Custom field creation


Unlimited free samples


Mapping UI


Field usage %


Auto-mapping (AI)

Ready to jump in?

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Option 2: Get help from us

Guided Migration
$750 / base price


Do you want to do the migration yourself but would feel more comfortable with an expert by your side? This is the right package for you.

For a $750 add-on to your 'Do it yourself' package, we'll (virtually) hold your hand through the process.

What’s included:
Elements Image Everything in 'Do it yourself'
Elements Image Migration Specialist (your buddy)
Elements Image 5 hours of Support
Elements Image Mapping verification
Elements Image Quality assurance
Elements Image 1 - 2 week delivery
Custom Migration
Custom /


Do you have complex migration requirements that you wouldn't dare try to implement on your own?

Let's get you a team of data nerds to create a bespoke migration solution tailored to your business. They're the best in the biz.

What’s included:
Elements Image Everything in 'Standard'
Elements Image Implementation team
Elements Image Custom objects
Elements Image Customizations
Elements Image Custom supported CRMs
Elements Image 3+ week delivery

Peace of mind guaranteed

Whether it's a simple or complex migration, we're experts at what we do. We'll ensure your new system is set up correctly.


Technical Support

You have access to our team via chat, email, or phone for every migration across multiple continents. 


Data Security

Your data is safe with us. We're GDPR compliant and trusted by the most security-conscious organizations. 


Free Samples

Try the Wizard risk-free with unlimited free samples. Samples are ~10% of your records.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Easy! Simply register an account at and follow the steps, or speak with one of our experts via chat.

How does the pricing work?

Final migration costs depend on several factors: 

  1. Total record count
  2. Source & destination CRMs
  3. Special requirements

Total record count:

A record is a single entity, such as a contact, an email, an attachment, a deal, etc. Our estimator tool will discover how many total records you have. Trujay’s base migration cost is then calculated based on the record tier you fall into.

Source & destination CRM:

We’ve built automatic connections to over 24+ CRMs. If we don’t have an automatic connection built for both of your CRMs, then you can explore a custom migration with us.

Special requirements:

This refers to any unique requirements you may have, such as customizations, custom objects, etc.

What customizations are available?

There are several customization add-ons including, but not limited to:

  1. Data merging
  2. Data filtering
  3. Partial migrations

Do you offer free sample migrations?

Yes, we offer unlimited free sample migrations that migrate a randomized 10% of your records.

No credit card required.

What are supported vs. custom-supported CRMs?

Supported CRMs are CRMs that we support automatically through our Wizard.

Custom-supported CRMs are CRMs that we have or can build connectors for.

What are custom objects?

Custom objects are objects that you have created in your CRM for business purposes. They are not native objects provided out of the box by your CRM.

These are sometimes called objects, modules, entities, tables, etc.

How can we help?