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Globalia Digital  -  January 2023

Trujay Helps Globalia Digital Seamlessly Migrate Data for HubSpot Implementation




GlobaliaDigital, a leading HubSpot implementation company, partners with to provide efficient data migration services to their clients. In this case study, we highlight how Trujay assisted Casey, a former HubSpot representative and current member of the GlobaliaDigital team, in successfully transitioning a client from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM while ensuring a smooth transfer of data.


The Challenge / Opportunity


Casey's client needed to migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM, including accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. While the HubSpot native Salesforce app helped transfer these entities, it didn't support the migration of activities, files, and a custom object the client wanted to recreate and transfer data into.

Why GlobaliaDigital Chose Trujay


Trujay offered the perfect solution for GlobaliaDigital, saving time and team effort. With a heavy workload and a busy development team, GlobaliaDigital lacked the resources to build a custom API integration for this specific project. Additionally, the client had a substantial number of files, and only a subset of them needed to be transferred, necessitating a filtering criteria based on the history from 2016 onwards. Trujay's ready-to-use migration tool provided the required functionality, eliminating the need for custom coding.

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How Trujay Responded


Upon contact from Casey, Trujay promptly understood the requirements and offered a migration package with addons for the custom object and merging capabilities. The scoping process was avoided, ensuring quick and efficient communication. After the project was confirmed and payment was received, a kickoff call was held to reconfirm the requirements and gather the necessary access and additional information.
Trujay and GlobaliaDigital set up a dedicated Slack channel for immediate communication, enabling swift progress throughout the project. The migration setup and mapping of object fields were reviewed in the subsequent meeting. A test migration was conducted using a small subset of the data. The client provided feedback, including the addition of another custom object, which was promptly addressed by Trujay. A second test migration was shared, ensuring the client's satisfaction.

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The Result



Thanks to Trujay's expertise and seamless collaboration, the entire migration project was completed within 10 days, significantly shorter than the typical 3-week duration. Casey was impressed with Trujay's speed, efficient communication, and thorough quality assurance, as no issues were found during the review process. The project required only a few hours of Casey's time, saving him a significant amount of effort.

Conclusion played a pivotal role in helping GlobaliaDigital seamlessly migrate their client's data during the transition from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM. By leveraging Trujay's migration tool and expertise, GlobaliaDigital achieved exceptional results, completing the project swiftly and efficiently. Trujay's dedication to providing a seamless migration experience, along with their exceptional communication and problem-solving capabilities, made them the ideal partner for GlobaliaDigital.

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