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Partly  -  January 2023

Partly - Pipedrive to HubSpot migration

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Claudia Mansell, Customer Success Director at Partly (, was tasked with the important project of migrating their company data from Pipedrive to HubSpot.

Partly, a global platform for replacement parts in the auto parts industry, aimed to create a sustainable future where waste is eliminated, and all replacement parts are universally searchable and accessible.


The Challenge

During the initial attempts to import data from Pipedrive to HubSpot using other migration tools and the native import feature, Claudia encountered several challenges.

  • They discovered that the import solutions did not support the migration of activities, emails, and files.
  • Additionally, they faced difficulties in transferring Pipedrive leads, as they wanted to avoid data duplications and ensure the integrity of their activity history and company information for each potential customer.

Why Trujay Was Chosen


Recognizing the limitations of the existing solutions, Claudia turned to Trujay for their expertise in data migration. Trujay had a built-in tool specifically designed to migrate leads, activities, emails, and files to HubSpot while addressing the challenge of assigning them to previously imported records.

Moreover, Trujay offered the ability to perform manipulations with Pipedrive leads data, ensuring a seamless transfer of information.


How Trujay Responded


Trujay worked closely with Claudia and her team to understand their unique requirements and create a tailored solution.

Through several meetings and test migrations, Trujay developed a strategy to compare Pipedrive leads with existing HubSpot companies and enrich matching records with lead information.

They also implemented a solution to create new HubSpot companies only for leads that did not have a corresponding match in the system, thereby avoiding duplicates and enriching existing data.


Thanks to Trujay's expertise and the implemented solution, Partly achieved remarkable results.
  • They successfully migrated their data from Pipedrive to HubSpot with an integral and enhanced data structure.
  • The migrated data included correct assignments, a full chronological activity history, and no duplicate companies.
  • Partly now had a streamlined system with each B2B company having its corresponding activity history assigned.



Are you facing data migration challenges when transitioning to a new CRM system?

Trujay's expertise and comprehensive migration solutions can help you seamlessly transfer your data and ensure data integrity.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and learn how we can assist you in achieving a successful data migration.

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