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Rancho La Puerta Resort & Spa

Case Study: Rancho La Puerta - ResortSuite and HubSpot integration

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Rancho La Puerta, the first destination spa established in 1940, sought to improve guest relationships and maximize marketing efficiency by integrating their booking system, ResortSuite, with HubSpot CRM. This integration aimed to eliminate manual data entry errors and free up resort staff to focus on enhancing customer service​


The Challenge/


Rancho La Puerta faced several challenges with their existing system:

  • Manual Data Entry Errors: The resort experienced common errors associated with manual data entry, leading to data duplication and inaccuracies.
  • Time-Consuming Processes: Resort staff spent significant time on manual data entry, diverting focus from improving guest services.
  • Need for Real-Time Data: The resort required real-time visibility into current and historical reservations to optimize marketing efforts and improve guest relationships

Why Rancho La Puerta Chose SyncMatters


SyncMatters (formerly IntegrateHQ) was recommended by Rancho La Puerta's HubSpot Customer Success Manager due to their proven expertise in CRM data integration.

Having successfully migrated the resort's data to HubSpot previously, SyncMatters was a trusted partner with extensive hands-on experience with leading data integration products

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How SyncMatters Responded


SyncMatters utilized their integration platform to address the resort's challenges:

  • Data Cleansing and Mapping: SyncMatters cleansed and mapped contact data from ResortSuite to HubSpot, ensuring accurate and organized data transfer.
  • Automated Data Entry: The integration automated the movement of contact data, eliminating manual entry errors and freeing up staff time.
  • Custom Notifications: The integration included customized notification emails with actionable information, enabling staff to correct data at the source promptly


The integration delivered significant improvements for Rancho La Puerta:

  • "Knowing how many times a guest has visited the Ranch, the frequency of their stay, or if it's a recurring annual event has drastically changed our interactions and builds relationships with our guests," said Catherine Hesik, Director at Rancho La Puerta.
  • The actionable notifications issued by the integration allowed staff to correct data errors promptly, maintaining data integrity.
  • Daily progress reports on invalid emails provided insight into human errors, enabling continuous data quality improvements.



The successful integration of ResortSuite with HubSpot CRM highlights SyncMatters' expertise in managing complex CRM integrations with precision and efficiency.

Their customized approach and technical support ensured a smooth transition, enhancing data accuracy and freeing up resort staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

SyncMatters continues to provide superior CRM solutions, making even the most challenging integrations seamless for their clients