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Infotrend  -  June 2023

Infotrend - Excel to HubSpot Migration

Trujay Infortrend



Chetan Gulati, Director of Corporate Growth, faced the challenge of migrating data from Excel spreadsheets to HubSpot, the chosen CRM solution for Infotrend. With the need for a reliable service provider and guidance on data management, Trujay's expertise came to the rescue.


The Challenge

Transitioning to a new CRM platform presented Infotrend with the challenge of understanding the optimal placement of their existing data. With the unfamiliarity of the target CRM and missing unique identifiers in their source data, Infotrend needed a service provider that could perform a thorough audit and streamline the migration process.

Why Trujay Was Chosen


Trujay came highly recommended by a HubSpot manager as a trusted partner with extensive experience in data migration. Following the manager's recommendation, Infotrend contacted Trujay and initiated the project, confident in our ability to handle the complexity of migrating data from diverse sources.


How Trujay Responded


Infotrend provided their source data in Excel spreadsheets, primarily in a text format. Trujay's technical team performed an initial audit and converted properties to more suitable formats. Our engineers meticulously assembled information from different spreadsheets, ensuring custom relations and maintaining data integrity. Through data mapping meetings and reviewing sample migration results, we collaborated with the client to fine-tune the structure and optimize HubSpot's search and management features.




Infotrend achieved an accurate and scalable data structure in HubSpot, with correct assignments and activities. Our thorough quality assurance process and ongoing communication with the client ensured a seamless transition. The migrated data was ready for reporting, empowering Infotrend to make informed business decisions.



Are you facing data migration challenges while transitioning to a new CRM system? Trujay's expertise and comprehensive migration solutions can help you seamlessly transfer your data, ensuring data integrity throughout the process. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and learn how we can assist you in achieving a successful data migration to HubSpot.

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