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Need a HubSpot Migration?

Our CRM migration services are unmatched.

Migration Wizard

Launch your HubSpot portal faster, by getting your data there instantly

Our migration wizard makes the CRM migration process straightforward and secure.

No need for technical skills or credit card information to get started. Trust in our comprehensive migration support as you confidently migrate your data to your HubSpot portal.

Magical powers are waiting...

The wizard does the heavy lifting so that self-service data migration is comically simple, even for the most non-technical person.

HubSpot to HubSpot Migrator

Yes, you can do that, too!

Our platform supports migrations from one HubSpot portal to another.
In fact, it's one of the most popular use cases we see.


HubSpot Migration Services

We love this work. No, really!

Our team specializes in CRM data migrations, turning a complex process into a hassle-free experience. We ensure your data is transferred seamlessly from your old CRM to HubSpot.

Our deep understanding of the intricacies of CRM systems (but especially HubSpot), combined with our hands-on approach and best-practice migration strategies, guarantees that every aspect of your data, from the smallest detail to the overall structure, is meticulously and accurately integrated.


Which Objects can I Import?

Automatically Supported

HubSpot objects we support for automated migration:

Custom Supported

HubSpot objects we support for custom migrations:

CMS/Asset Migrations

Seamlessly Migrate to HubSpot CMS

Our CMS/Asset migration services are uniquely designed for HubSpot, driven by a team that not only specializes in HubSpot but also uses it daily. This firsthand experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the nuances involved in migrating assets from another system to HubSpot, or even from one HubSpot portal to another.

We don’t just automate; we meticulously rebuild your workflows, email templates, website pages, complete your website migration, and more, ensuring each asset is crafted with care and precision. 

Need to migrate from another system to HubSpot? Our Hubspot Replatforming team  will recreate your existing website content within HubSpot.


Which Objects can be Recreated?


Website pages


Landing pages


Blog posts






Marketing Emails
















Social posts




Sales templates


Knowledge base


Customer portal









What is involved in the HubSpot data migration process?

HubSpot data migration involves capturing your current CRM data, mapping your objects and fields, and transferring your records (including companies, contacts, deals, and more) into the HubSpot database. This ensures that all your valuable information is integrated into HubSpot’s ecosystem, enabling you to utilize HubSpot’s tools for optimal performance and efficiency.

Can I migrate data from one HubSpot account to a new HubSpot portal?

Yes, with our CRM migration platform, it's possible to sync data from one HubSpot portal into another. This advanced migration caters to businesses upgrading their HubSpot CRM or consolidating multiple accounts into a single, new HubSpot environment.

How can I ensure a full migration of data, including custom fields, to HubSpot CRM?

A full migration involves carefully planning to import all relevant data and schemas, including custom fields and pipeline information, from your existing CRM to HubSpot CRM. Our migration wizard assists with intelligent auto-mapping and custom field creation, ensuring a comprehensive transfer.

What are the best practices for avoiding duplicate data during migration to HubSpot?

Best practices include using tools, like Dedupely, for advanced de-duplication, setting a clear cut-off date for old data, and ensuring proper mapping of existing data. Our HubSpot-certified migration experts can guide you through these steps to avoid duplication.

How do I initiate the migration process for moving to HubSpot from a different CRM like Salesforce or Pipedrive?

To initiate the migration process, start by registering on our platform, then map out your current data and schemas to understand what needs to be migrated. If you want some help, contact our team to create a migration project roadmap tailored to your business needs, ensuring a smooth transition to HubSpot.

What does the HubSpot CRM data migration service include?

Our service covers everything from planning to execution. We'll be there with you every step of the way.

How do I migrate data from one HubSpot portal to another with minimal downtime?

Our platform is designed for minimal downtime, automatically migrating your data, ensuring business continuity. Our team can work closely with you to schedule the migration during low-activity periods for your business units.

Can I use a CSV file for data import to HubSpot's database?

Yes, CSV files can be used for importing data into the HubSpot database. This method is ideal for bulk imports and can be easily managed through our migration wizard, which also offers custom field creation to match your existing data structure.

What are the keys to a successful migration project to HubSpot CRM?

A successful migration project involves creating a detailed plan, or kind of roadmap, that outlines each step of the process, from data preparation in your existing CRM to final verification in HubSpot. Ensuring the process runs smoothly requires careful planning and coordination with our migration experts.

How can I ensure my sales and marketing teams are ready to use HubSpot immediately after migration?

To prepare your teams, we recommend onboarding sessions that cover HubSpot’s tools and features relevant to their roles. Additionally, exploring the app marketplace for any specific version of the app that complements your marketing strategy will ensure a smooth transition with no downtime.

Ready to move your data and launch the new CRM?

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