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Trujay and IntegrateHQ Unite as SyncMatters: Powering Unified Data Experiences

Discover how Trujay and IntegrateHQ merge to become SyncMatters, revolutionizing data management with comprehensive CRM solutions for accelerated business growth.

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Listen: Trujay and IntegrateHQ Unite as SyncMatters


AUSTIN, Texas, March 14, 2024 ( - Trujay and IntegrateHQ, leading forces in CRM data migration and integration, announced today their merger and official rebranding as SyncMatters. This strategic move represents a unified vision to create a synchronized data landscape, empowering businesses with streamlined data solutions and accelerated growth.

Building on Individual Strengths:

Formerly, Trujay excelled in CRM data migrations, while IntegrateHQ mastered CRM and ERP data integrations. Under the SyncMatters umbrella, this combined expertise unlocks a comprehensive service portfolio for businesses of all sizes. 

Together, the teams boast prestigious HubSpot accreditations in Data Migration, Data Integration, and Onboarding. Their expertise in integrations was recognized when they received the HubSpot Impact Award for Integrations Innovation. Elevating their commitment to innovation, they also introduced FindMyCRM in 2021, a revolutionary platform that serves as the definitive resource for comparing and selecting CRM solutions, tailoring to the needs of businesses seeking the most compatible CRM systems to enhance their operations.

Data-Driven Future:

"Our rebranding embodies a pivotal shift in our approach," says Darren Trumeter, CEO of SyncMatters. "We go beyond offering solutions; we're creating a synchronized world where customer data thrives, fueling smarter decisions and propelling businesses forward. By integrating AI functionality into our products, we're also enhancing how we serve our customers, aligning with our mission to innovate and lead."

SyncMatters' vision extends beyond addressing current challenges. By anticipating tomorrow's opportunities, they equip clients with tools to stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, by building SaaS products specifically for sales and marketing teams, SyncMatters empowers CRM solutions partners to better serve their clients.

“Both IntegrateHQ and Trujay have paramount experience syncing data for marketing and sales systems,” adds Tina Kepler, CGO of SyncMatters. “Merging our technology and teams, provides more robust offerings and business solutions for our endless happy customers.”

Empowering Their Teams to Empower Yours:

With their teams combining decades of experience in CRM systems, data migrations, and integrations, they’re setting a new standard in the industry that's hard to match. This wealth of experience not only allows them to push the boundaries of innovation and growth within their organization but also makes sure their clients get the best, most comprehensive services available.

For their employees, this change means great opportunities for career development, giving them the chance to work with a wider range of technologies and business strategies. It's an ideal setting for personal and professional growth, where their talents can meet the changing needs of businesses around the world.

For their clients, bringing the companies together means they have access to an even greater selection of services, supported by unmatched technical expertise. The team's deep experience ensures clients receive effective, streamlined solutions designed just for their data management and integration challenges. 

Looking Ahead:

SyncMatters brings together a group of highly experienced professionals dedicated to innovation, with the goal of transforming data management.

They're stepping into the future by integrating cutting-edge technology into their offerings, starting with their data migration tool that now features AI for simpler and more precise field mapping. This introduction of AI is just the beginning, signaling their commitment to leading with innovative solutions that improve efficiency. This move benefits everyone: their team gains experience with the latest technologies, and their clients receive smarter, more streamlined services. It's clear that SyncMatters is on a path of continuous advancement, with much more to come.

"We're passionate about unlocking the full potential of CRM data, not just for our clients but alongside our partners. Together, we aim to transform challenges into opportunities, creating unparalleled value for the businesses we serve." - Noah Jay Hendricks, CMO and Product Manager at SyncMatters

Additional Information:

Join SyncMatters on their journey to create a harmonious data future!

Noah Hendricks

Noah Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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