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The HubSpot’s State of AI Report

At, we understand the importance of leveraging AI technologies like HubSpot to streamline your business processes and drive success.



Whether you're already using AI in your role or still on the fence, there's no denying that our work lives are about to undergo a significant transformation. Similar to how computers revolutionized the workplace in the late 1900s, AI is ushering in a new era that not only enhances our productivity but also has the potential to make us happier. AI isn't here to replace us; instead, it saves the average professional an impressive 2.5 hours a day, allowing us to focus on the most impactful, creative, and enjoyable aspects of our work.


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Key Findings About AI


AI unlocks growth even in challenging economic climates:

As businesses faced inflation and budgetary pressures, AI became more accessible. By boosting employee productivity and effectiveness, AI empowers companies to achieve more with less. Marketers using generative AI save an average of at least three hours on each piece of content, while sales and service professionals save over two hours a day by automating manual tasks. Business leaders are highly optimistic about AI, with 68% believing it can help their company scale in ways that would be impossible without it. Furthermore, 65% envision unprecedented growth with full AI implementation, and 65% believe AI will have a similar impact on productivity as the industrial revolution did. In fact, 62% of leaders have already invested in AI for their employees, with 71% reporting a positive ROI and 72% seeing increased productivity.

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AI enables more time for impactful work:

According to our survey, 95% of professionals using AI say it helps them spend less time on manual tasks and more time on the most important and enjoyable aspects of their roles. For instance, marketers spend an average of five hours a day on manual, administrative, or operational tasks. With AI, we can eliminate those tedious tasks and focus on high-impact activities that truly engage us.


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AI is highly effective across industries:

AI isn't just about saving time; it also makes business professionals more effective in their jobs. Marketers using generative AI to create content report better-performing content (63%) with improved quality (89%) and the ability to create significantly more content (83%). AI also streamlines processes in marketing, with 84% of bloggers using AI and/or automation finding it effective at aligning web content with search intent. Salespeople (85%) and customer service representatives (84%) using AI also experience increased effectiveness in their respective roles.

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AI isn't taking over jobs:

While 41% of professionals in our survey expressed concerns about AI taking over their jobs, the reality is that generative AI tools are mainly used for generating ideas, outlines, and first drafts. Only 5% of marketers rely on AI to write entire pieces of content. Additionally, 96% of marketers using generative AI say they need to make edits to the text before it's publish-ready. The majority of professionals (76%) believe that employees should use AI or automation at work but should avoid becoming overly reliant on it. Ensuring accuracy and guiding AI in the right direction remains a critical challenge.



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In conclusion, as AI becomes an integral part of our professional lives, it's crucial to embrace its potential to enhance productivity and effectiveness. The findings from our AI survey clearly demonstrate the positive impact AI has on businesses across various industries. It's not about AI replacing jobs but rather empowering professionals to focus on high-impact work and achieve unprecedented growth.

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