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Salesforce Features and Benefits You Should Know About

Salesforce has a wide range of powerful features and benefits, which skyrocket your business. Trujay described the main Salesforce features and benefits.

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Salesforce features stand as some of the best CRM features in the international business marketplace.

The database provides features such as extensive Sales, Cloud, and Marketing systems, complete with Analytics and Marketing services. 

Not only is it easy to set up and manage, but according to Salesforce Customer Success, there are user-friendly metrics which prove the power of Salesforce CRM

  • Companies that switch over to Salesforce on average will expect a 25% increase in revenue.
  • Salesforce customers see an average of 25% increase in ROI for marketing.
  • Companies that utilize Salesforce see an increase in customer satisfaction by 35%.
  • With the use of Salesforce, customer service agents experience an increase of 34% productivity.

What’s the explanation of Salesforce’s impressive stats? Let’s discuss features and benefits. 

Contact and Account Management

Salesforce CRM ensures efficient and easy contact management by providing access to customer data and a history of customer interaction. This Salesforce feature provides access to an extensive view of insights and strategies which will improve customer engagement. 

You have the ability to apply customers’ social data to gain a better understanding of specific behavior regarding any product or service.

Cloud-based contact management allows you to easily coordinate within your company. Share insights, campaigns, or important documents to create a workplace for content awareness. By accessing all contact details, you can also track the pathway of a deal, allowing for certain evaluations and the discovery of customer satisfaction, or putting together buyer personas.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is one of the key Salesforce features. This shows the clients’ behavior-timeline and illustrates the different stages of a specific deal that will help you decide on your next step. 

Along with business competitors, you can also view important facts of a timeline dedicated to a certain activity. In addition, available templates provide a trouble-free emailing strategy system to clients.  

Lead Management

Lead management is the Salesforce feature with a particular advantage: an activity timeline. This provides access to the up-to-date activity of contacts with best practices in certain industries and uses the sales path to comprehend related documents. 

Salesforce functions as a quick and efficient lead converter while informing the user about the original lead source while auto emailing boosts the generating of revenue.

Typically, an email inbox overloads with thousands of emails each day. Without a CRM tool, it’s tough to keep track. Salesforce CRM automatically scores your leads and assigns the lead to the right executive first hand. Therefore you will always be in the loop thus increasing more revenue. 

Reports and Dashboard


Salesforce keeps accurate sales forecast reports you may customize yourself. Simply click and drag the fields, groupings, filters, and charts you like, and view them in real-time.

Optimize charts in your report and track team performance on the same screen, with dashboards and other sales reporting tools that allow you to quickly make changes to elements in order to get the most essential information.

Salesforce provides a customer analytics tool that allows you to help you test main business stats from anywhere. Get what you need to close deals quicker on any device, from email and opportunity management to tasks and collaboration.

Salesforce Mobile

Organize your day through a single, unified application. With just one app, you can monitor meetings, activities, and get account updates on the go. Join the conference calls with a tap, and take notes from the meeting. Enable your CRM data and refresh it at any time, even while offline. 

Close deals quickly, track accounts, and approve on-the-go deals. Salesforce CRM helps to be more productive with the notes, events, and task management in-app.

Communicate with your teammates instantly. Create, view, and manage chats. For instant collaboration, access your files quickly while still away from your computer and browse, share all of your files with just a few clicks.

Sales Forecasting

Get a precise view of all of your business with detailed forecasts – the next Salesforce feature. See a full view of the whole pipeline and company, and take action if necessary. Provide quick updates and then easily apply your judgment to the forecast at the rep, period, and summary level. You may also show details of any previous modifications you or your team make.

Another Salesforce feature is the tracking of top performers. See which reps are on track with realtime leaderboards to win their targets. 

Also if your organization has a complex sales department, Salesforce will help with forecasting for the complex sales team. Overlay Splits helps you to credit sales overlays of the correct amounts by income, contract value, and more.

Workflow and Approvals

Do not worry about your workflow and approvals with Salesforce CRM. Set for automatic completion of your business processes and approval requests. 

A simple point-and-click interface for automating business processes is provided by Process Builder. You can create automatic email alerts within a certain size for deals, auto-assign tasks as a deal moves through the various stages, and more.

Create workflows that guide sales reps through qualifying conversations, smartly suggest getting the next steps on a deal, or automate manual tasks such as order-filling. 

The next salesforce benefit is the ability for simple or sophisticated business requests, including deal discount approvals, and travel and expense report to automate the approval process.

Files Sync and Shares

Cooperate as a team of files from anywhere, on any device. Collaborate as a small team on a wide array of files, across your organization or with customers externally. Follow the files, and be notified when uploading a new version. See the history of the version and comments. Drag and drop multiple files to Salesforce for fast and easy uploads.

You can search and find files, quickly. Put all your files, content, and customer data into one place to find what you need easier. You can find it by group, library, most recent files with quick filters.

Keep your sales and marketing teams in front of the most up-to-date tools. Minimize sales cycle mistakes by administering and publishing the most precise inventory specs, contract documents, and price guides.

Data Management

Data management is the next Salesforce feature. With data cleaning from, automatically update and enrich the account, contact, and lead data that continues to drive your most vital sales and marketing processes right inside Salesforce. 

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, more data will be needed than ever before. You can read more about the difference between Classic and Lightning Edition here.

Customer Support

With case management, you can monitor customer-reported help requests through the process of resolution. The customer support portal provides customers with a reliable way to get answers to queries, post-service issues, place orders, view order history, and access other data in the knowledge base.

Information repository provides a means of storing, organizing, sharing, searching, and using information. It enables clients to get answers to specific questions.

Call center features enable customer support professionals to reach all customer support relevant data including personal data, case history, and related customer social activity. Common features include call recording, analytics, workforce management, managing call scripts, and compliance.


Salesforce works with some of the best third-party apps, whether you’re talking about G Suite, MailChimp, or Quickbooks. These integrations operate with the platform seamlessly to permit a smooth transition for your team. Salesforce has an entire system called App Exchange that’s dedicated to thousands of products and integrations.

Application Programming Interface-Specification of how the app is communicating with other software. APIs usually allow data, logic, objects, and so on to be integrated with other software applications. 

Pricing of Salesforce

Salesforce CRM offers four SMB and enterprise pricing plans billed annually. Give the details a look, and select your plan. You can also test Salesforce with a free demo version of the software. 

  • Free Trial 
  • Essentials: $25/month per user
  • Professional: $75/month per user
  • Enterprise: $150/month per user
  • Unlimited: $300/month per user

Want to Migrate to Salesforce?

Migrate to Salesforce with Trujay! Trujay is a SaaS service that provides users with an opportunity to migrate CRM data across various CRM platforms. The service is cost-efficient with minimal risk. To perform the CRM data migration, Trujay clients do not require any technical skills or industry knowledge.

Benefits include a free sample migration, the ability to set up fields mapping on your own, and even perform the entire migration on your own if you so choose. 

Trujay’s tech team will service all requests to perform an effortless CRM migration and meet your business’s needs. Ensure a smooth and secure data import for any and all CRM records. 

If you’re not sure how to proceed using the Self-Service tool, get a Guided Service and we’ll do the entire project for you. Here is a free handbook so you know what’s in store. 

Bottom Line

So, now you know Salesforce features, which can help you skyrocket your business. Managing customer relationships becomes easy with CRM like Salesforce. This perfectly designed and cloud-based system works beyond customer relationship optimization. 

Ivan Karp

Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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