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Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot integration

In this article, you will learn about HubSpot Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is an efficient data exchange setup between your CRM and an external service that streamlines all your workflows.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HubSpot integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a typical specimen of CRM systems (from Microsoft). This service was developed to streamline the operations of the support service and handle sales and marketing. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is suitable for all types of businesses working in diverse directions and has the ability to interact with other services from the developer (Skype, Office, Exchange Server, etc.). It is asserted that this service is among the top five most widely used CRMs worldwide, and concurrently, its user base is growing.

The HubSpot platform includes business process automation software. This CRM can be used in six languages. The service offers more than 350 ready-made integrations. HubSpot includes three main services that can be used both separately and in combination with CRM - sales tools, marketing tools, and customer service services. The initial set of features of each service is free, but users will have to pay for more advanced solutions. HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM system that provides sales, marketing, and customer service departments with a single place to organize and track leads.

Trujay lets you send info between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM automatically. IntegrateHQ is a type of middleware that connects HubSpot with other software and applications. IntegrateHQ acts as a data pipeline between HubSpot and other software such as:

  • Outdated CRM
  • ERP software
  • Collaboration software
  • Payment processing software
  • Human resource management software
  • Industry software, etc

Dynamics HubSpot integration allows the support team to view HubSpot contact data, create new contacts and notes using customer requests right in the Microsoft Dynamics agent interface.

To get the HubSpot Microsoft Dynamics  Integration working, you need to connect your HubSpot account to your Microsoft Dynamics account.

With the Microsoft Dynamics for HubSpot integration, you can enjoy Microsoft Dynamics features in HubSpot without switching between these applications. You will be able to create templates, request signatures, and view the status of signature requests directly from HubSpot.


Why Integrate HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics?

IntegrateHQ works exclusively with HubSpot. We know HubSpot well and have the experience to integrate it with any software or application, ensuring you take full advantage of HubSpot's many features.

Automate the work of the department

HubSpot is a sales and marketing automation system. Microsoft Dynamics feeds all customer information to HubSpot, so the manager doesn't have to enter data manually. Information about the client is added to the contact: his phone number, referral source, etc.

Improve the quality of service

"Smart" Dynamics 365 HubSpot integration logic ensures that managers process applications on time and do not lose leads. After a missed call, the system automatically creates a "Call the client" task with a certain deadline. The system immediately connects clients for whom an agreement has already been created with the manager responsible for it. This creates a wow effect for the client. The manager can listen to the recordings of the conversations attached to each deal.

Understand what the advertising budget is spent on

Marketers will be able to see which sources, campaigns and keywords are converting into calls and sales. Data about them is attached to each agreement. With this information, you can optimize your advertising spend, reallocate your budget, and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

IntegrateHQ can create custom HubSpot Company, Contact, Deal, and Ticket properties and populate these properties with data from the quote engine.

IntegrateHQ can create CRM timeline events and link them to Company, Contact, Deal and Ticket records.

HubSpot integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows work to be handed off between teams, such as when tickets or deals close on HubSpot. You can create your own HubSpot "CRM Extension" to display a custom "CRM Card" of contacts in the HubSpot user interface. IntegrateHQ can collect and store quote data displayed on the CRM card, making it available for review and analysis.


What Features Are Available With a HubSpot Dynamics Integration?

After a successful connection, the following options will become available:

  • Create a HubSpot contact 

To create a new contact from the account of the user who left the request in Microsoft Dynamics, click the plus icon on the request, topic or chat page and select a HubSpot contact from the list, and a new contact will be created on the HubSpot side;

  • View Contact Details 

o view the details of a contact created from Microsoft Dynamics, click the HubSpot icon in the upper right corner, and the contact details will be displayed in the right pane;

  • Create Notes 

New notes can be created from Microsoft Dynamics tickets and topics including further correspondence history. On the ticket/topic page, in the Options section at the top right, select Move to HubSpot and a new note will be created in the Contacts section on the HubSpot side. All subsequent comments from the linked ticket/topic will be automatically transferred to the HubSpot note.

The HubSpot integration can be used by all users and administrators. Administrators also have permissions to manage the integration from the admin dashboard.


Our Process

So, how to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with HubSpot with a sales analytics tool without breaking the system? Take a look back at your CRM database. With HubSpot integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our company guarantees you Technical Support, Data Security, Data Accessibility.

CPM systems are quickly installed, synchronized with each other automatically or after a few mouse clicks confirming integration. From now on, managing your entire business is in one place. For single sign-on to work, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user must be associated with the corresponding user in the HubSpot app.

We will take into account all your possible wishes and recommendations, we will provide a personal account manager who will help resolve any issues regarding the integration process.


Working With Us

Trujay provides expert assistance in migrating and integrating your data from HubSpot and many leading SaaS systems, with the primary goal of ensuring that data is available when and where it is needed. Trujay is exactly what you need if you want to integrate your products with several CRM platforms at the same time. 

It is an online service specially designed to provide integration with many CRM solutions using a single API. Easily get, add, update, and sync the data you need from CRM solutions like Salesforce, Insightly, Highrise, Zoho, SugarCRM, and more, and instantly integrate it into your business software. Our service has an intuitive interface. Specify access to the current and desired CRM system, set up mapping, start integration. Everything is convenient and fast.

What our clients say

Our exceptional support team will ease any stress or uncertainty associated with CRMs integrations. Focus on the content and let us do the hard work for you. We are proud of our NPS rating of 82. Many satisfied customers use us for integrations and migrations. Here you can view reviews about us.


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