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HubSpot Consulting & Technical Expertise

We have unique HubSpot knowledge and expertise in UI (in) and APIs (out). Thanks to HubSpot’s modularity, you can select the solutions you need right now and expand when you’re ready.



Implementing a CRM system is a powerful and strategic step that takes business quality to a new level. The success of a CRM project depends on various factors, but the goal is to fully understand all of the internal corporate processes. Auditing during CRM projects is key and companies often overlook its value. 

Trujay will conduct an audit of your current processes and identify the benefits of implementing HubSpot for your business.

HubSpot Expertise & Guidance

HubSpot is the only system that addresses both sales and marketing. Thanks to HubSpot’s modularity, you can select the solutions you need right now and expand when you’re ready. HubSpot is a service that covers all areas of Internet marketing including blogging, social media, SEO, content management, and landing pages. The platform also offers a variety of email marketing automation functions to help reduce manual tasks. The sales tools include CRM, lead management, and email integration. Beyond those features, HubSpot also provides analytics and has a wide range of integrations with third-party services.

Implementing HubSpot’s platform alone accounts for just 40% of your success rate. The automation strategy, the willingness of your team to work together, the support and interest of company leaders is all much more important than the technical implementation of the project. No matter how big your company is, you have to understand the needs of your end users and map out how your system will evolve. We want to help you with this.

HubSpot Consultants: How We Help

We have unique product knowledge and expertise in UI (in) and APIs (out). Satisfied customers are the highest form of achievement. When we’ve delivered a fully functional HubSpot ecosystem for a customer’s tech stack, we enjoy witnessing the ROI roll in right along with our customers.

Implement Customized Training Programs 

We help your teams easily adopt the system through training and onboarding. The training program is quite flexible and designed to cover all aspects of working with HubSpot. We provide training for sales managers, analysts, marketers, managers, and system administrators. We will discuss working with clients, receiving and processing orders, making payments, integration with services, and creating a sales funnel all while taking into account the specifics of your business, product/service, and target audience.

Establish Revenue Attribution Reporting 

It’s like a visit to the doctor. The more you tell our Trujay experts about what "pains" you’re experiencing, the more detailed the diagnostic result will be. You’ll get what you need in a shorter period of time and at lower costs. We form a plan to attract and retain customers based on the consolidation of information about business processes and the history of interactions with them. This plan then guarantees an increase in revenue.

Onboard Sales & Marketing Teams

In order to speak the language of all departments, the consultant must have thorough technical and methodological knowledge. With our consulting, managers improve operations, reduce risks, reduce costs, and have more reliable control over HubSpot's work organization. Additionally, team trainings can be separated, recorded, and used later for new hires.

Configure Technical API Integrations

We value your time, so we'll help you figure out how to prepare for successful automation. Our HubSpot consultant team assists in creating a special module that can make requests to the supplier base in real time and receive up-to-date information on product availability and current prices. As a rule, such solutions are created individually based on the technical task and the capabilities of the provider's server. Leave a request on the website and we’ll help you build the optimal interaction structure for your various systems and answer all your burning questions.

Migrate Digital Assets to the HubSpot CRM Platform

If you're having trouble migrating your information to the Hubspot CRM platform, we're happy to help. Our HubSpot experts will take on important tasks such as:

  • Data transfer between CRM systems
  • Ensuring a clear understanding of how and what data should be migrated
  • Mapping employees between systems
  • Data loss control during migration
  • Data security
  • QA
  • Testing
  • Delta migrations

HubSpot Consulting: All Your Business Needs

This system implements convenient opportunities for conducting business and constant communication with a large number of clients. And, the best part? You can individually customize it for your organization! We work in the following areas:

HubSpot Technical Consulting

Let your company's employees familiarize themselves with the UI and main functionality of the product as quickly and clearly as possible. We assist your admin and managers as a core part of the training so you’re able to manage, create, and advance technical workflows or custom reports. 

HubSpot Custom Objects Consulting

It's a powerful tool that specifically tailors a unique structure to your business. Our team will help you expand your HubSpot database through the additional relationships custom objects provide to your other core objects like Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets.

HubSpot Integration Consulting

HubSpot Consulting is uniquely qualified to help you implement an integration. Our experts understand all the nuances and peculiarities of data management. We'll set up a data exchange between HubSpot and external services as we assist with mapping, testing, QA, and troubleshooting until we achieve the desired sync.

HubSpot Customer Fit Consulting

Customer Fit identifies how the company's products or services meet to the customer's needs. HubSpot Customer Fit Consulting helps create a complex strategy that considers the maximum amount of data available to you. That’s everything from the characteristics of your company to the market and competitors to how your customers search for and choose your products and services. This way, you’ll be able to build a systematic marketing system that will continuously bring in the number of customers you need.

HubSpot Inbound Consulting

Giving users the right amount of communication channels to connect them with company representatives is an important component of inbound marketing. You’ll receive many practical and accessible ideas, tools, and techniques that you can immediately apply.

What’s It Like to Work as a HubSpot Consultant?

The work of a HubSpot Consultant is extremely interesting and collaborative in nature. Identifying internal business issues and communicating with clients gives you unique insight into the specifics of work in a particular fields. 

A HubSpot consultant is a professional with the following skills:

  • Advising
  • Effective communication 
  • Technical and informational knowledge
  • Effective management skils
  • Business acumen

It’s important to apply situational ethics in this profession, accounting for the peculiarities of the situation and calculating possible options for the development of events ahead of time.

A good consultant can save your business time and money, suggest successful solutions, and improve your company's results quickly.

Why Choose Trujay for HubSpot Consulting?

Our customers benefit from our many years of work and expertise with HubSpot, enabling us to solve most issues we’re faced with quickly and efficiently. That said, the main advantage we provide is our individual approach to clients. Where others might say it can’t be done, we often come up with workarounds and creative solutions. Our consultants walk you through the entire scope of the CRM implementation project from CRM installation to the configuration of system modules, technical support, and user training. Our HubSpot consulting service helps business owners automate monitoring processes, simplify tasks, and increase the company's profit.

Our team will:

  • Answer all your questions about HubSpot
  • Analyze your needs and suggest the best way to implement HubSpot
  • Help select optimal HubSpot products
  • Configure and develop a solution tailored to your business
  • Assist with user training
  • Provide ongoing support through our HubSpot Admin Program

We work with clients across different geographies and business sectors, from small to global enterprises including the public sector, healthcare, and education.  

Our services feature:

  • One-time help solving a specific problem (a bucket of hours)
  • Consulting projects (ongoing services hours)
  • Combination of all the services we provide (implementation projects with many migrations, configurations, integrations, and onboardings for specific hubs)

We have a deep understanding of the risks and the ability to adapt business processes to the digital and cloud wave to empower your business. 

Why should you contact us? The answer is simple. We love our work, have tremendous experience implementing and supporting HubSpot, and have already helped hundreds of companies optimize their operations.

Ivan Karp

Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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