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Enriching Your CRM: These Are The 7 Best Enrichment Tools

There’s no lack of customer and business data out there. The trouble is the quantity is no good; what you need is quality data to land the next client.

For this reason, data enrichment and purging play a significant role in the sales world that is purely data-driven.

Data enrichment is the essence of a well-rounded sales strategy for B2B companies. It powers the marketing and sales efforts and is the core of almost every decision leaders make to nurture growth and productivity.

Let’s explore it in further detail.

What Is Data Enrichment?

Anything that refines and enhances customer data quality by bridging the gaps and rectifying “inaccurate” information can be considered data enrichment.

The primary goal of data enrichment is to give the organization a comprehensive and accurate profile of their potential customers

It integrates internal and external data to build a refined profile of existing and potential customers. Also referred to as data appending, this process enables businesses to combine multiple data sources, creating a unified authority that is more useful and valuable than their constituents.

Whether it offers an in-depth picture of your competitor’s behavior or a better understanding of your target audience, enriched data is a valuable asset for any business that can help you get actionable insights.

Why Should You Enrich Your CRM? 

Data enrichment is a broader approach that involves both appending and cleansing the existing data points and connecting it with the external data sources from contact lists, social media, and other third-party providers. 

This process helps you bring in granular data and is an effective way for brands to augment their current data sets and enhance the value of the inferences they obtain.

Brands can leverage the enriched data for numerous purposes, and there are many ways to do so. One of the great examples of data enrichment is to augment the internal sales information with the third party’s advertisement data to gauge the advertising effectiveness.

With frequent data enrichment, you can be sure to remain on top of any changes happening in your CRM profiles. Whenever someone in your contact list changes office or implements a new technology, the information will be updated in the appropriate account in your CRM. 

Furthermore, you can have more refined profiles of every single contact in your CRM. This enables you to improve your lead scoring while leaving a positive impact on customer acquisition.

Here are some key benefits of CRM data enrichment:

Improve The Overall Customer Experience

Incorporating data enrichment in CRM improves your customers’ experience as enriched data is more accurate, helping to draw better conclusions from your database.

Furthermore, it helps you tailor your sales, increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities, improve engagement in online courses or training resources, and identify the red flags in customers who are more susceptible to churn.

With real-time data enrichment, you can keep your CRM updated, comprising all the relevant information about any changes in the customer’s database. The best CRM tools offer essential features such as automated workflows, integration with email services, and creating customized dashboards to help make this easier. Your sales team can then reach out to potential customers that are most likely to churn and develop their trust in your brand.

Advanced The Lead Account Scoring

When managed manually, account and lead scoring processes can be daunting. Data enrichment in CRM is a great way to automate the entire process to cluster the prospects priority wise for you in real-time while ensuring precision.

Ranking and evaluating your leads help you define clear goals for your customer success team. With data enrichment, you can create in-depth customer account profiles prioritized more appropriately and accurately.

All in all, it allows you to assign precise and meaningful scores to your leads. Additionally, it enables your sales and marketing department to align and discover the most useful data sets for lead account scoring.

Incorporate Personalization In Lead Generation

With enriched data, you can create and focus on hyper-targeted customer groups as it provides you with all the relevant and refined information about your customers. This, in turn, enhances the overall customer journey and experience.

The right approach can help you get to the decision-makers who are willing to convert and demonstrate that you understand their priorities and pain points. 

Data enrichment helps B2B marketers to take personalization further by asking lead specific details easily and expand their outreach efforts.

Best Enrichment Tools To Enrich Your CRM

As sales personnel, access to accurate contact information and generating quality leads are the major concerns for acquiring new customers or growing the clientele. 

Data enrichment tools, or sometimes referred to as lead enrichment tools, are intended to assist B2B marketers to enhance the quality of data and, ultimately, their inbound leads. 

The concept of data enrichment in CRM is very straightforward – obtain as much information about your targeted enterprise as possible and check the accuracy of the data to guarantee the correctness of reporting. 

That way, sales representatives can make sure that they’re connecting to the right prospects in the right companies without the risk of relying on any bogus information. And the customer database is updated with new information, which positively impacts organizational performance.

But how can you refine and enrich the data in an enterprise CRM to better help you nurture your leads? Here are some of the best enrichment tools to enhance your CRM.


uplead logo

UpLead is an emerging leader in data enrichment and quality. It is a robust B2B lead generation platform with an extensive reasonable database that helps you find potential leads, connect to them, and ultimately drive conversions. 

When it comes to data collection, management, and enrichment, UpLead tops the chart. It helps you collect, correlate, and analyze the business data from various independent sources, ensuring streamlined processes and accurate outcomes.

UpLead allows you to pre-qualify your B2B leads with the aid of sales intelligence and helps you turn disorganized contact lists into potential sales opportunities. 

You can also enrich your existing clientele database and potential contact lists with over 50 valuable data points. 

The robust suite of UpLead also empowers the users to build targeted contact lists and make the data actionable with its database enhancements abilities, without duplicating, risking, or losing the customer records. It is also one of the top alternatives to ZoomInfo,

Get all the relevant information about your B2B leads, such as company name, URL, number of employees, sales volume, social links, industry, and more. 

UpLead is a robust data enrichment solution that lets you tailor your strategy accordingly and enables you to engage prospects and customers while delivering accurate results.

Pros of UpLead

  • Personalization technology for leads data
  • Email verification in real-time
  • Sales intelligence feature
  • Free Trial

Cons of UpLead

  • Limited integration 


clearbit logo

Clearbit is yet another effective platform that allows you to enhance your customer-related data. It helps sales and marketing teams by providing over 25 data points and assists with customer interactions. 

With Clearbit, you can gauge new and real-time customer data and get a complete picture of your potential customers with this data enrichment tool. Moreover, find your contact, enhance the data, and connect with your leads seamlessly.

Pros of Clearbit

  • Effective technology with good match rates

Cons of Clearbit

  • High priced
  • Cumbersome licensing model
  • No free version


fullcontact logo

FullContact is a powerful software that helps with contact management.  It is designed for both teams and individuals. It allows users to collect data about companies, professionals, and enterprises. It also lets you organize them in a centralized location.

The functionality of FullContact helps you build customer profiles, which enables you to obtain complete information on contact while enriching their address book and contacts. You can then easily connect with your prospects for sales and marketing purposes.

With FullContact, you can create queries through its Company or Person API. Company API and Person API are the methods used to find relevant contacts. 

Also, FullContact updates your contacts automatically and stores it in the database. That way, you get updated and accurate information at all times.

Pros of FullContact

  • Intuitive User Interface 
  • Easy API integration
  • Stable results

Cons of FullContact

  • Privacy concerns
  • Inaccurate data
  • Expensive


discoverorg logo

DiscoverOrg is a website hosted platform that helps businesses stay ahead of their competition with accurate data about their targeted clients and current market trends. With it, they can identify potential sales opportunities and act promptly. 

Moreover, DiscoverOrg provides data that you can leverage to streamline different operations of your sales development, sales leadership, demand generation, recruitment efforts, and more.

DiscoverOrg offers a stream of actionable and accurate contact, company, and buying intelligence that lets you find the ideal prospects effortlessly. Additionally, it facilitates integrations into various Sales Automation and CRM tools in the market. 

With DiscoverOrg, augment your data effectively and create direct connections with your key prospects, providing your marketing and sales staffing professionals with the capacity to find, engage, and connect to their targeted clients most easily.

Pros of DiscoverOrg

  • High match rate
  • Customer support

Cons of DiscoverOrg

  • Pricing


leadgenius logo

LeadGenius is a robust lead generation platform specifically for B2B that allows businesses to connect with their target companies’ influencers and decision-makers. You can find business opportunities, improve sales efficiency, and drive business growth. 

With LeadGenius, you can obtain the best and refined customer data, which lets you effectively reach out to your prospects and reduce automated email campaign bounce rates.

LeadGenius has an in-house team that manually verifies the data to assure accuracy. It enriches your contact information on the factors you set, such as company name, demographic, location, etc.

This is an excellent data enrichment tool that merges the automated data with human-verified research to give you the most accurate firmographic data about your prospects. 

Pros of LeadGenius

  • Human curated research and data
  • Live campaign and result tracking
  • Real-time Campaign Feedback 

Cons of LeadGenius

  • High priced 


zoominfo logo

ZoomInfo is a well-known intelligence software platform that provides accurate and actionable insights about B2B companies and individual contacts. 

This platform offers an updated database that allows your sales teams to implement more effective marketing campaigns. They can even augment the lead generation efforts by having access to prospects’ email addresses, numbers, and background information.

With ZoomInfo’s, you can easily find and connect with your target client’s influencers in any job function, industry, and focus on engaging the specific accounts. 

Pros of ZoomInfo

Cons of ZoomInfo

  • Expensive
  • Obsolete and inaccurate data
  • Pricing


insideview logo

InsideView is a comprehensive marketing intelligence platform that offers industry-related data and insights in real-time. This helps you build targeted connections.  

With InsideView, you can get direct access to more than 50 million contacts and companies’ profiles. All this data can be integrated with CRM software. Additionally, you can monitor all the activities and customer behavior patterns on social media and other sources.

Furthermore, you can also convert a cold sales call into a potential opportunity with the updated data that the platform has to offer.

InsideView also lets you leverage the list-builder tool for a specific individual or business. There are multiple options to filter your search for you to reach the targeted audience. 

Pros of InsideView

  • Facilitates Integration
  • Easy to use

Cons of InsideView

  • Outdated and inaccurate information
  • Limited functionality 

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that all successful lead generation efforts in B2B demand a data-driven approach that focuses on the most relevant pain points of the targeted customer.

When you developed a CRM for your needs, the best way to make sure that you have a comprehensive and up-to-date lead and customer profiles are to be involved in an ongoing CRM data enrichment process.

By collecting profile information and inferring networks between data points and identities, you can know your prospect and customers’ needs and concerns.

Closing a B2B sales deal can be a cumbersome process, but reliable, accurate, and timely customer data can help move along in the right direction.

When done correctly, incorporating CRM data enrichment goes a long way for your company. You’ll see the gains of having access to real-time and refined data in your CRM.

Author’s Bio

Will Cannon is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of UpLead and Signaturely. He offers valuable insight into CRM data enrichment, email marketing, lead generation, customer profiles, and leadership management.

Noah Hendricks

Noah Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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