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Customer Satisfaction Survey and Its Importance

When it comes to investigating a company’s client base, there is rarely anything more important than a customer satisfaction survey. 

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Service, quality, reliability, and efficiency are the main key points when we discuss customer satisfaction. Smart businesses know, customer loyalty is an art. 

When it comes to investigating a company’s client base, there is rarely anything more important than a customer satisfaction survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey: What’s the Goal?

Customer satisfaction surveys can help your business increase productivity and profitability by evaluating your products and services’ expectations of customers and their level of trust and loyalty to your business. For example, you can customize your customer survey to ask questions that would open up areas of concern:

  • How your business performs comparing with your competitors
  • Whether they want to buy from you once again
  • What your pros and cons are and what can be improved

Customer Satisfaction Survey: How to Conduct 

1. Design your online survey properly

A customer satisfaction survey will provide you with the statistical data required to evaluate your defined goals. The first step to creating a successful online review is to develop your intended overall objectives and a procedure for comparing outcomes.

Before beginning to draft your survey, make sure that what you are asking for is obvious. To obtain various outcomes, consider using a combination of multiple-choice and open-ended questions with fields for feedback.

By adding a Net Promoter Score question in your online survey, you can estimate how satisfied customers are with you and whether they would recommend you to others.

2. Benchmark results

By submitting the same survey at staggered intervals, you can compare outcomes and decide whether the improvements you’ve done work or not. Communicating with your customers is a vital part of the process, make sure that you describe why you plan to make changes, and thank those who contributed to their input. Wouldn’t it be good to show your boss that customer satisfaction is getting bigger month-on-month and year-on-year?

3. Keep it personal

Many businesses go further in encouraging excellent customer service, through meeting customers in person. Customers who have classified particular goods or services as below par are given discounts, for example. When consumers make strong statements that have resulted in consistent changes in the facilities, the respondent should be told and thanked for the contribution that they have made. This focus on personal feedback demonstrates that you are listening and do care.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey: Benefits

Customer retention

When your customers know you care enough about your company to ask what they like and dislike, you will have a high repeat business rate. Paying attention to their feedback shows them they are more to you than just a source of revenue. Furthermore, if you are getting legitimate input from existing customers, please contact them to apologize, give compensation, and clarify the resulting changes. 

Grow your business

Customer satisfaction continues to create brand loyalty, contributing to repeat sales. They also spread the word as an informal referral method by recommending products and services to friends and family. By creating branded surveys, you will build loyalty and confidence that will integrate your company’s look and feel into your reviews.

Customer satisfaction surveys gather detailed information about positive and negative attitudes, which may boost marketing or sales efforts. Continued social media growth ensures feedback about a brand can be heard almost immediately by thousands of potential buyers. By using the opportunity to collect and act on details, you demonstrate that you care about your image as a customer-friendly brand.

Happy customers are returning customers

Loyal and satisfied customers spread a positive word of mouth, and keep coming back to the brand they want, given multiple options that they offer. Customers express happiness, and opinions from consumers (positive or negative) will influence the brand’s reputation. Never convert satisfied customers to your competitor brand.

Build successful strategies

Customer satisfaction surveys ask questions in specific fields, including customer support, employee awareness or helpfulness, and a company’s policies and procedures. Recent return inquiries will tell you consumers are satisfied with your strategy and will buy from you again if you back up your goods.

As a result, change the return policy on the website and in advertising. Therefore, asking clients how they learned about your business will show if your marketing plans are working as you expected. When you approach middle-aged moms, you can find you draw them and a younger demographic. Adding marketing strategies that include both age groups will lead to business development.

Know where to improve

Some business owners may use surveys about customer satisfaction after experiencing a drop in sales volume. When they have left, it may be too late to gain back clients, so while business is good, survey them. Ask how they compare their rates to the competitors.

If you get overwhelming responses that your business is more expensive, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust pricing or manufacturing methods to be competitive. If you charge more for having a superior product, add that detail to your ad campaigns. Surveys show several unsatisfactory locations, such as rude workers, late delivery, and difficulty navigating web sites.

Come up with new ideas

Gain insight into your customers’ potential needs and take your company with the goods or services you offer. Add a list of suggested products to your survey to determine which customers your company needs the most. For example, if you are considering providing new products or improving an existing line’s functionality, give your clients some choices and ask which one they should likely to purchase. 

Instead, if your survey requires feedback, the query should be open-ended so that respondents should add some kind of relevant product or service that is a priority for them. Offering new products that your survey shows are in demand can be more effective than attempting to anticipate your customer ‘s needs.


Note that customer satisfaction surveys provide you with an innovative method for gathering feedback and provide a contact channel that gives you the ability to create a loyal, committed, and hopefully satisfied customer base.

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Ivan Karp

Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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