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CRM Data Migration: Meet the Magic of the Wizard

Trujay’s Self-Service tool is now the Migration Wizard, a tool so easy to use, and it’s magic at your data’s fingertips.

Michael Scott Meme Gif Magic

With a brand new look and feel, the Wizard does so much more than test your data in a new CRM. It waves its wand, connects your existing and desired platforms, moves the objects to their related fields, and….wait for it…

Will now backup your data with options of a one-time backup or the ability to schedule them routinely. As you go about connecting CRMs, selecting your objects, and sampling the tool to make sure it’s a good fit for you, you can estimate the cost of it all.

Feeling the sorcery yet? Let me dive a little deeper.

Quick History on the Migration Wizard

Back in the day, you would visit our app and might get stuck on mapping your objects. So, we created the Guided-Service Migration, where we support you with your Wizard migration.

Our Custom Migration service still exists, and we’re more than happy to help. However, some people need something fast, seamless and want to do it themselves without anyone butting in. Our data experts are genius indeed, but the Wizard makes you the expert. 

By using the Wizard, you are the Wizard

Our approach to moving simple datasets from one CRM system to another is just that: simple. However, unlike other automated tools, the Wizard is in-depth. It goes beyond data transfer, beyond sample demos… not to quote Ford here, but: the Wizard does go further.

How to wave your wand

The wizard tool offers three functions: data migration, data backups, and free estimates. Let’s start with the first.

Wizard and Data Migration

Let’s say you’re using HubSpot and you’re looking to move to Insightly or Capsule or… well, basically any of the CRMs we support.

drop down list of crms

Please select your current and desired CRMs from both dropdown menus and connect them. It would help if you had credentials ready for us to access your data to sample the migration. Don’t worry: we only ask for this to show you exactly how this will work. None of your data will ever be used or shared for any other purpose.

source connected

Once you’re connected to both CRMs, choose one of the following in the third column box: Start Sample or Customize Mapping. 

Wizard Data Migration: Standard Sample

Also known as the simple life. If you have data that isn’t too complex, or you want to see how this would work without getting too complicated, the Sample will generate a preview of what your data will look like in your desired CRM. It will show all of your objects (emails, attachments, contacts, etc.) and where exactly they would go (and how they would look.)

If you see a popup to enter your email, it’s simply to get you registered, and when your sample file is complete, it goes directly to your inbox.

email popup box

Wizard Data Migration: Advanced Sample

Now, for those of you who want a more advanced sample migration and know a little bit about customizing your data, the Customize Mapping button is where the Wizard hands over its wand and lets you make the magic happen on your own. We’ve made this part easier, as some tend to get stuck and need some guided assistance. (Don’t worry, you can easily click on the chatbot on the bottom right corner, and someone will be there to help.)

sample migration in progress advanced objects customize

Selecting the objects you want to migrate gives you a more real experience of your data needs.  If you need to re-run the sample, you can do so as many times as you need. (Did I mention everything up to here is free?)

We covered the Wizard’s migration abilities. What else can it do?

Previously, I noted that this Wizard does more than move your data from one system to another. It offers something just as valuable: data backups.

Wizard Data Backups

Backing up your data is paramount. You know that feeling when you’ve just written a 20-paged word document, didn’t hit save, and all of a sudden, your computer crashes, and those 20 pages are gone? Well, that’s technology. As magical as it can be, in tech, everything crashes. The Wizard doesn’t let that happen. 

One-time backup

Not only can you use the Wizard to migrate your data, but you can also use it to secure it. It creates a separate dataset of all of your original information, so nothing gets lost. But the real magic is that while the sample is running, it’s also backing it up.

description of how data backup works

sample backup running one time

You don’t have to use the Wizard for migrating and backing data; if you need one or the other, we can accommodate that. Here’s the thing about backing up your data: you need to do it routinely. 

Even while you’re switching systems, new customer and company data is being added. You don’t want to stop all operations. You want to keep them ongoing to avoid downtime. We can help you do that. 

Scheduling your data backups

backup scheduling

See? Wasn’t kidding about the unlimited sample runs. But now we’re in the weeds of pricing, and I’ll explain why scheduling data backups are so important for your safety.

The Migration Wizard’s Exchange Rate

Also known as that magical question we all ask at the beginning of any buyer’s journey, how much does this cost? 

Remember when I mentioned that everything up to this point, including unlimited sample runs, is zero cost? I should also probably tell you that we don’t ask for your credit card information to sample-test the Wizard. We also don’t charge for a one-time backup. However, to schedule routine backups to ensure the absolute safety of your data, we encourage you to use one of our premium plans.

pricing plans for data backups

You have the option of scheduling data backups on a monthly or yearly basis. We want you to trust that our tool works, and we’re ready to prove it to you by offering a month-to-month plan. You can choose between 1 and 3 months, or go for the whole year and save 20% of the costs. Trust me, within a month (or 3, or 12), and you’ll see the return. How? Why? Because we know data, and we care about yourdata. 

I like the Wizard, but what if I’m not ready to pay?

What if your data needs are particular, and the sample isn’t giving you enough information? Welcome to the final function of the Wizard: the estimator tool.

Wizard Migration and Backup Estimates

You can estimate the cost of your migration and or backup by getting a custom quote. We all know everyone has different needs, and we know that one size doesn’t fit all.

Your business is unique. Your business is everything. That’s why we’ve updated our automated system to not just function but function magically. We want this process to be easy, simple, and heck, maybe even fun. And if you’re not having fun, a Trujay expert is right there at the bottom right corner, ready to help.

The Wizard Applied: Real Results

blue box quote orange quotations top ideas digital

Read the full case study here.

To conclude

An automated DIY migration tool is magic because data is typically very complex. Some people don’t believe in magic or the possibility of making this process that easy, but we do.

Visit the Wizard. Wave its wand. And if you need more than a magic show, our data experts will give you the real deal with a custom migration.

Contact us or hit the chatbox, and we’ll get you (and your data) where it needs to be.

Noah Hendricks

Noah Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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