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6 Amazing Benefits of Content Curation and Why it Matters

To keep up with the competition, if not surpass it, content curation is paramount.

The problem arising here is that always creating fresh and unique content can be a challenging task. And of course, the amount of available time is still limited to a certain extent.

This is where content curation comes into play. Today we are going to find out more about content curation and why it is beneficial.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the process of gathering, organizing, and sharing online content on a specific subject. However, it’s not just taking someone else’s content and merely distributing it online. That’s a common misconception.

Curating content can be used to source topics, gather industry news or trends, and get inspired to create unique content. It applies to various digital channels, including social media platforms like LinkedIn, newsletters, blogs, etc.

Therefore, it is apparent that content curation is a valuable tool in marketers’ hands, both in the B2C and B2B space, since it allows them to provide value and engage their customers through curated content.

Now that we’ve seen what it is about, let’s take a more thorough look at curating content’s benefits.

The Benefits of Content Curation

1. Provide resources to your team

For some businesses, having a broad, full-time marketing team is a given. However, if you have a small group, you know that content creation is a tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort.

Curating content can be an extra boost in your team’s marketing efforts. Their job will be easier since they won’t stress creating only original content, and meeting deadlines will be more feasible.

Think of it as skipping the first step of content creation. The content is already out there. You just need to gather it, organize the most valuable parts, and add your unique angle to it. In this way, you also ensure that your team doesn’t “burn out” in the process of content creation.

2. Establish yourself as a thought leader

Another benefit of sharing content relevant to your niche is that you can gradually become a thought leader in your industry. In a digital world where exchanging valuable information is critical, it doesn’t matter if you create the content. You’re the one sharing it with the world.

3. Follow industry trends

The content curation process allows you to explore and stay on top of ongoing trends in your industry.

For example, let’s say you’re an email marketing service. Tracking this keyword will reveal your competitors’ writing, what is said about your industry on the media, and other useful things.

Curating content gives you a broader exposure to new topics, publishers, and websites, thus allowing you to gain insights. These findings can, in turn, help you improve your content marketing strategy and fill the gaps in the content you offer.

Tip: Remember that content curation can be a tool for identifying emerging trends that SEO research might not reveal.

4. Build your audience

Having an engaged audience is vital for every strategy in online marketing. To achieve the engagement of your followers, you need to share content that gets people talking, while at the same time it’s relevant to your brand.

Content curation is an excellent way to start discussions about the things that interest your audience. You just need to ask yourself the following question: “why would my audience care?” Start and promote conversations, study your audience and you’ll see your business growing.

Sharing different types of content is going to engage different people, and in this way, you’ll be having a balance, since the content won’t feel monotonous or single-sided.

If you use this practice along with one of the best email marketing services out there, then you’ll have a powerful means of growing and retaining your audience.

5. Improve brand awareness

Growing your brand and improving brand awareness is a difficult task, similar to creating high-quality content. 

But when there is already content out there, which you can leverage, then things are significantly easier.

It’s an excellent idea to promote curated content mentioning your brand. Don’t forget to add your “personal touch” to it and add eye-catching visuals to make it more informative than promotional.

Subtly explaining how your brand is relevant to the content will help increase brand awareness, which allows your business to grow.

6. Boost visibility online (SEO)

Last but not least, content curation positively impacts SEO as well as visibility. The curation process requires considerable research on various websites and careful selection of the content that will be used.

Moreover, curated content usually contains outgoing links to trusted, authoritative sites, as well as proper citation of the author and other material included.

What all these have as a result is high-quality content, which ranks high in search engines. This means better online visibility and more traffic.

The takeaway

Content curation is a marketing practice beneficial for both curators as well as their target audience. Not only do you save time and resources, but also you have the chance to improve on existing content.

It is an essential tool in the modern digital world, allowing businesses to follow industry trends, establish a relationship with their audience, and improve brand awareness. A tool that should not be neglected.


John Desyllas works as a Content Writer for email marketing automation software Moosend. He is very passionate about Marketing and Business Translation. In his free time, he enjoys searching for new technology gadgets to experiment with and amaze his friends. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Noah Hendricks

Noah Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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