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Geekly Media

SyncMatters Powers Geekly Media to Revolutionize Property Management with HubSpot Integration




Geekly Media, a consultancy specializing in property management, is at the forefront of automating and streamlining operations for residential properties across the nation. As a HubSpot Certified Partner exclusively serving the property management industry, Rent Bridge leverages technology to help property managers work more efficiently under the ethos of "working smarter, not harder."


The Challenge/


The main challenge Geekly Media faced was the labor-intensive process of manually transferring data from property management software (Appfolio and Propertyware) into HubSpot. This task demanded over 80 hours a week from Michael Park, Geekly Media’s managing director, due to the intricacy of the process and the precision required to maintain data integrity. The situation limited the company's capacity to take on new projects and threatened the quality of their services.

Why Geekly Media Chose SyncMatters


In search of a solution to automate and streamline their data integration process, Geekly Media turned to SyncMatters. SyncMatters offered a custom integration service that could replicate the manual processes of data transfer without the associated time investment and risk of human error. Their proven track record with successful file transfers and the ability to understand and mimic Park's manual processes made them an ideal partner.


How SyncMatters Responded


SyncMatters developed a custom integration template that directly connected AppFolio and Propertyware to HubSpot, automating the data transfer process. This solution enabled the creation of a scalable 'Bridge' product, significantly reducing the time and effort required for each project. SyncMatters' system could clone Geekly Media’s master portal and set up client portals in minutes, automating complex workflows and eliminating manual data manipulation.

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The collaboration with SyncMatters revolutionized Geekly Media's operational capabilities. The integration allowed for Bridges to be launched within three days, significantly faster than before, and expanded Geekly Media's service offerings. This transformation enabled Michael Park to shift his focus from fulfilling data transfer tasks to strategizing on product development. The efficiency gains from this partnership have set a new industry standard for property management automation.



The collaboration between Rent Bridge Group and SyncMatters has set a new industry standard, showcasing the transformative power of automation in property management. By automating data integration processes, they have not only enhanced operational efficiency but also expanded their service offerings, marking a significant leap forward in service delivery and innovation.

This partnership illustrates the critical role of strategic collaborations in leveraging technology to solve industry-specific challenges, proving that with the right tools and partners, businesses can achieve remarkable efficiency and growth.